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The University of Colorado NES Clinic does not currently treat pediatric patients. Once the individual seeking treatment is 18 years old we can accept referrals. Once the referral is received with accompanying medical records (i.e. diagnostic EEG and brain imaging) we will reach out to discuss scheduling options. Please find resources and research verified by our team below for those experiencing NES/FND and seeking treatment now, or interested in learning more about pediatric NES/FND.

Local Resources:

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Epilepsy Foundation Colorado

Children’s Hospital of Colorado NES Clinic – Brief Overview


Out of State Resources:

Stanford Pediatric FND Clinic

University of Texas Health Austin Pediatric Neurosciences

Parkland Dallas, Texas

Jeff L. Waugh, MD at University of Texas Southwestern Dallas, Texas

Whole Child Program Long Beach, California

Mission Health North Carolina

Roxana Poureyhimi, MD in Raleigh, North Carolina

Kristin Ann Kullgren, PhD at University of Michigan Health



Teen FND and Chronic Pain Academy

Seattle Children’s Information

Is It ADHD or Trauma? – Child Mind Institute

Seizure Training for School Nurses

Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder Special Interest Group


Scientific literature:

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